The Roccat Kone Aimo Mouse – It’s Pretty Darn Good

The Roccat Kone Aimo Mouse – It’s Pretty Darn Good

Roccat has slowly established a reputation. But of course, over the years, with a number of mice and keyboards gaining criticism and consumer appreciation, the most noteworthy is probably the Kone line of mice.So far, I haven’t reviewed any. From the company today, it is the first matter

The first thing that struck me in the old brain when grabbing the Kone Aimo was that it was a fat beast.Its width, length and overall height made it firmly in the category of large rodents for large people with that hand. Can choke on a lion Now that doesn’t mean it’s useless for those of us villagers with small hands. But I still find it fairly comfortable overall.

Thanks to its special size, it adds extra weight and feels durable. This is not the lightest mouse. But since its size is not too heavy either, I feel No additional rubber grips for comfort or to stop your hands from sliding. But the hard plastic shell and overall shape give you something to hold on to. Squeeze it and there is no return in the shell, and when you shake it, there is only a slight rattle around the sensor, something that is more common in mice. It feels like there is something that you can throw at a wall in anger and then the wall has to be rebuilt.

RGB LED lights are all the rage these days, so Roccat is jumping on the band car with enthusiasm when it comes to the Aimo.There are two large light bars on the mouse that are fully customizable with thick strips around the edges of the Aimo. wheeled vehicle When the stripes are placed on top, they are still visible even when holding the mouse, so all the RGB goodness won’t be hidden.

The only thing with visual flair is the striking silver Roccat logo on the back of the mouse.With this bright RGB lighting, the Roccat Kone Aimo wants everyone in the room to get noticed. It’s not a mouse for everyone looking for more granular settings. But I love how it looks, despite its RGB LED lights and giant logos. But it doesn’t look too flashy Keep in mind that I’m the guy with blue LEDs everywhere, so I might not be the best judge, right?

There are rounded indents for your thumbs to hug. But for me personally, its outer edge pressed slightly against the inside of my thumb. For those with bigger hands, it shouldn’t be a problem. Two thumb buttons are above the point where your number tends to be stationary. But still easily accessible Both require very little pressure to activate and have a pleasant click. There’s also a third button hidden under your thumb, which is activated by simply sliding the thumb downwards.It’s a very natural-feeling action that I was amazed that the mice didn’t have a button there.

This button, by default, is paired with a special mode called Easy-Shift [+], which makes the other keys active while they are held down. Most of the out-of-the-box alternate actions are media buttons with a volume control scroll wheel. To change this and its RGB lighting, you need Roccat’s Swarm software, a rather messy set of options that initially seem awkward. But it’s still easy to use when you lay out the layout. For example, you can press and hold the Shift-Easy key, then use the left click to open a specific program and right click as a macro, or even have the scroll wheel turn off the entire computer. I have reviewed a similar conceptual mouse, and I would have to say that personally I didn’t find this feature hugely useful. But I can imagine that for a lot of people it would be very useful.

Through the Swarm software, you can customize to your heart’s content with RGB lighting.There are some basic things like breathing or cycling effects, as well as speed and brightness adjustments, and of course you can change the colors as well. To fade well The options are not many. But there’s enough to make most people happy, and the real good point about lighting is that it’s mostly bright and strong. Even yellow and white make sense. But two colors are always a problem. Blue looks too close to purple, and I can’t make it as strong and solid as I like it. Still, I can say this is the strongest use of RGB I’ve seen on a mouse. It catches the eye as the color positioning is bright and deep and the refinement is solid.

Performance options are pretty standard across the board, with polling rates being able to be modified, down from the 1000hz standard to 500Hz 250Hz and 125Hz benchmarks.There aren’t many reasons to drop below the standard 1000Hz polling rate, but few games have issues. It’s about the maximum settings, so it’s nice to have the option to scroll down.

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