What Are The Specifications & Features of EDM 800 in Aircraft?

The EDM 800 puts the a laugh returned into flying due to the fact as a pilot, you do not must spend bulk of the flight time watching a bunch of dials to make sure the plane engine is functioning usually; the EDM 800 does this project for you.

Using the ultra-modern microprocessor era, the EDM 800 monitor up to 20-four crucial parameters of the plane engine and it does this 4 instances a 2d.

Superior to the EDM seven hundred, the EDM 800 consists of gasoline waft monitoring and a number of other functions. As earlier than, leaning is performed robotically the usage of the Lean Find procedure. With the EDM 800 you have got greater engine diagnostic statistics to be had. In truth, the EDM 800 statistics, all 29 functions, every 6 Seconds. Its memory can hold up to twenty-five hours of data. The pilot can also prefer to report data each minute in which case the reminiscence will preserve 550 hours of records. This facts can be downloaded through the non-compulsory USB port.

The all new EDM 800 presents you with a full-time in-flight readout of aircraft engine horsepower – this facilitates the pilot acquire most engine performance. The EDM 800 converts your RPM manifold pressure outdoor air temperature and gasoline flow into horsepower. To reap this a small one-time calibration is required. The information are inside the instruction guide and smooth to observe.

Features of EDM 800 consist of:

What Are The Specifications & Features of EDM 800 in Aircraft?

24 Programmable alarm limits
No trouble, front panel programming
Small 2 ¼” set up foot-print
Lean Find finds the first and remaining cylinder to peak with authentic height detect.
Displays both leaned temperature under top and top.
Designed to be used with a single 6 cylinder engine with Fuel Flow Indicators.
Battery voltage with alarm
EGTs to solid 1°F resolution
DIF low to excessive EGT with alarm
User selectable index fee
Shock cooling monitored on each cylinder
Non-volatile long term reminiscence
Records and stores information as much as 30 hours
Post-flight statistics retrieval
FAA Approved as primary temperature devices for CHT, OIL, TIT, RPM, MAP, Fuel Flow
Fuel amount in pounds, gallons, kilograms or litres
Low gas amount alarm
Low fuel time alarm
GPS interface-Instantaneous fuel drift charge
Total amount of fuel ate up
Total gas final
Time to empty on the cutting-edge gas waft rate
All of JPI’s EDM’s are TSO’d for Quality

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